About the Society of Professors in Christian Education

SPCE is a leading scholarly guild for evangelical academicians in the field of practical theology, particularly in the disciplines of education, discipleship, and ministry leadership. Our membership is comprised primarily of professors, ministry practitioners, and doctoral students, all of whom are devoted to increasing depth and excellence in the teaching ministry of the church and the academy. The primary function of our organization is the annual conference, held each year in October. The conference serves as a means of equipping our members through scholarly dialogue, professional development, and networking. 

SPCE was officially organized in 1970 by a body within the National Association of Evangelicals. Read more about our history here.

SPCE is stewarded by a board of trustees who each serve a four year term. The SPCE president is a member of the board, and typically serves a two year term in that role. The current president is John David Trentham, who was elected in 2017. Addressing the 2017 annual conference in his acceptance remarks, Trentham said, “As a leader, and in community with the SPCE board, members, and stakeholders, I’m committed to three things: to biblical confessionalism, to the irreducibility of teaching as the central means of accomplishing the Great Commission, and to the necessity of positioning our guild to serve and beautify our churches and schools relevantly and redemptively—because we are in the world in the here and now, for the sake of Christ and his eternal kingdom.”


Other current board members and officers include: 

Kirk Brothers

James R. Estep, Jr. (Vice President)

James K. Hampton

Karen Jones

Dawn Morton (Secretary)

Jay Sedwick (Conference Coordinator)

Bob Whittet (Treasurer)